Texicon Agriventures Corporation, a subsidiary of the Texicon Group of Companies, was established in 1995. We are a reliable importer and distributor of quality fertilizer and pesticide products to local and multinational agricultural companies throughout the Philippines. We offer our expert services and top-quality facilities in manufacturing, testing and repackaging agrichemical merchandise which continually helps our clients grow their agriculture enterprises. 
We develop and register our own crop protection products, which aim to protect and prevent crops from insects and specific diseases for a better yield and sustainable harvest. 
In 2005, we launched the Environmental Key Division with the goal of creating environmental household products for a cleaner environment, as well as providing solutions for a better tomorrow. In 2013 and 2014, we launched the Texicon Aquatic Feeds Division and the Texicon Feed Ingredients Division. 
Texicon Agriventures Corporation specializes in the formulation, toll manufacturing, and warehousing of agrichemical products. We are registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority and with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as a premier manufacturer of fertilizers and pesticides. Our Plant facilities are located in Guiguinto, Bulacan.



FAAS Corporation has been providing a variety of high quality food additives and supplements to various businesses such as snacks and beverage manufacturers, dairy producers, meat processors, bakeries, as well as pharmaceuticals since 2003.
Dedicated to providing excellent service, FAAS is constantly working to improve and expand its product line as well as adapt to the latest field developments through thorough and extensive research, testing, and development.
Even as a relatively young company, FAAS has a continuously growing network of clients and has successfully maintained close ties with premier chemical manufacturers from around the world. We are geared towards strengthening our vital foundation, overcoming obstacles and winning the market.
We totally support local food production by providing a variety of quality food additives and supplements to various industries including snacks and beverage manufacturers, dairy producers, meat processors, bakeries and even the pharmaceutical industry.
As we grow and compete, we bring intensified products to the market, further improving quality, quantity and price competitiveness.
Our Strength
FAAS specializes in the production of blended solutions, focusing on sweeteners and flavor enhancers. Addressing the needs of each of our customers is our business.
Our Mission and Our Vision
We are committed to catering to the needs of both small and integrated businesses in the food industry, delivering blended products that improve tastes and promote better health. Service excellence is ensured through quality products, delivered in the most efficient and reliable manner at competitive prices.
FAAS Corporation seeks to become a primary provider of blended food additives and supplements and a recognized innovator of products through constant research and development aimed at maximizing client satisfaction.


Started in 1981 as Texicon Trading Corporation and Colokem Corporation, the company focused on trading and importing of chemicals in the Philippines.
A member of the Texicon Group of Companies, Polara Chemical Corporation has evolved from a mere marketer of dyestuffs and auxiliaries into a source of diverse specialty chemicals. Polara is into the business of manufacturing, distributing and dealing in wholesale and retail of these specialty chemicals. Our merchandise includes a wide variety of chemicals used in such industries as paper, leather, textiles, coatings, inks, construction, and waste water treatment industries.
Never one to rest on our laurels, we continually find ways to improve and expand our existing product line. Guided by the company’s core values, Polara always work towards providing excellent customer-oriented service, offering high quality products at competitive prices.
Our Mission and Our Vision
To become a primary provider of Specialty Chemicals for businesses in the Philippine Chemical industry.
To be recognized as an innovator of products through high quality research and work aimed towards maximizing client satisfaction.
We are committed to servicing the needs of small and integrated business establishments in the Chemical Industry, ensuring quality of service through quality of product, delivered in the most efficient manner and at the most reasonable cost possible.